About us.


Who We Are.

At SANLAND, we’re not just another landscape design company; we’re your partners in crafting eco-conscious outdoor masterpieces. Our mission is clear: harmonize your space with nature, showcasing its inherent beauty and resilience.

Our Expertise: 

Our talented team of seasoned designers blends backgrounds in landscape design, horticulture, and architecture to bring your vision to life. Your landscape will seamlessly complement your home and lifestyle.

The Origin of SANLAND: 

Founded in 2021 by Soohee Lee, SANLAND draws inspiration from the Korean word “SAN,” meaning “mountain.” Mountains symbolize strength and stability, qualities we infuse into every landscape we create.

Eco-Friendly Practices: 

We champion sustainability through our commitment to native plants, expertly adapted to your local environment. These low-maintenance plants not only conserve water but also nourish local wildlife.

Water Conservation: 

Our designs are optimized for water conservation, utilizing drought-tolerant plants and innovative rainwater harvesting techniques.

A Greener Tomorrow: 

At SANLAND, we firmly believe that ecological landscape design is the path to crafting stunning, sustainable landscapes that benefit both you and the planet. Join us in transforming your outdoor space into a sanctuary of ecological excellence.

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SANLAND is led by Soohee Lee, who has over 20 years of experience in landscape design and architecture. Soohee holds a master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia University in New York and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Seoul National University. She is a registered architect in New York and Connecticut, a LEED Accredited Professional, and a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD). Soohee is an expert in urban landscape ecology who focuses on low-maintenance vertical gardens and vertical farming that can be incorporated into buildings in an affordable manner as a way to encourage individuals’ environmental participation. She is currently pursuing a certificate in Horticulture at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.