Our expertise.


We create landscapes that are not only beautiful, but also eco-conscious. We apply the principles of landscape ecology to conserve resources, enhance biodiversity, and restore ecological functions. Whether you need a backyard makeover, a community garden, or a green roof, no space is too small (or too large!) for us. We create an ecological niche for you. 


We do more than just redesign your yards, we transform your indoor-outdoor flow. We consider how your outdoor spaces complement your indoor living spaces and the surrounding environment. Our holistic design approach ensures a harmonious integration of your home and your yards.

year-round beauty

We aim to create outdoor spaces that allow year-round outdoor living. We carefully choose plants that provide four-season beauty and interest either alone or with their companion plants. We love to add plants that offer winter colors to our garden and provide food and shelter to hibernating bird species. 

native plant garden

We believe biodiversity is critical for local ecosystem, so we choose plants that allow the local biodiversity to flourish. We prioritize native plants that create the most productive wildlife habitat within the ecoregion first, and then substitute locally adapted non-native, non-invasive plants if necessary.